The Team

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      General Manager & Founder

The meaning of WANPO is “to be strengthened by rain and dew, and to ahead with the sun and the moon”, and always maintain the original intention of purity and transparency to obtain the most essential part in the changes of all things.


Just like the Founder and General Manager of the company, Ms Sophia Fang, not only has the outspoken character of Northeastern China, but also has a pure and transparent heart. Since entering the stone trade industry in 2011, she has always treated every colleague and every customer with the most sincere attitude.


She has in-depth research on Chinese and imported marble, granite, and artificial stone, and can capture the dynamics of the Chinese stone market and the international stone market at any time, and obtain the most suitable product resources from the market to share with customers in need.


She not only has professional stone product knowledge and industry skills, but also has rich experience in customer communication and negotiation. She regards each cooperation as an exercise to continuously deepen her cooperation skills.


She has extensive global travel experience and has been to many Southeast Asian and European countries. She has participated in the Xiamen Stone Fair 9 times, and also went to Italy and the United States to participate in the Stone Fair. Totally she has personally received 1500+ people and has very rich experience in customer reception.


Clients who have come into contact with her consider her to be a professional, flexible, efficient and trustworthy person.

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      Operations Manager

This is a calm, attentive, and reliable partner who joined the company in 2021 as an Operations Manager, responsible for the company's daily operations, website and social media platform management, order management, and business development.


She entered the stone field in 2013, and has a good knowledge of Chinese granite and marble, honeycomb stone, and semi-precious stone.


She is an almighty stone merchandiser in customer inquiry, sample express, order negotiation, factory order placing, delivery arrangement, QC arrangement, schedule the booking, export documents making, and customer after-sale communication.


Besides, she participated in every Xiamen Stone Fair from 2014 to 2019 and represented the company to exhibit at Italy and America stone fairs. She also could receive foreign clients alone for a factory visit, and Shuitou market stone purchases, and help their schedules in China.


She is a reliable partner who always keeps improving & innovating her personal ability.